Financing Options for a Property in a Flood Zone

There are several federal programs for financing a property in a designated flood zone that can open up opportunities for buyers who may be purchasing a home for the first time or are veterans and want to take advantage of 100% financing for their primary home.

This question came up recently when I had an agent who wanted to show a country property of mine, but the property had flooded–not the home. It is in a designated flood zone, but we weren’t sure at the time if a VA loan would be a possibility. It is!

The programs that are available are VA, FHA and conventional loans. I have gotten the official thumbs up on this from my favorite local lender, Shawn Baeschlin, with NW Mortgage Group, Inc.* USDA, which is available for first time homebuyers for rural properties is not available for flood zones, but in Columbia and Clatsop counties (both of which I serve), USDA loans are available.

 68901 Nehalem Hwy N Vernonia OR 97064 For Sale $229,000 On the Nehalem River

68901 Nehalem Hwy N
Vernonia OR 97064
For Sale $229,000
On the Nehalem River


VA loans up to $417,000 require no down payment. (The rules are different for a jumbo loan). There is a funding fee of 2.15% of the loan amount that is paid to the VA to to guarantee the loan. That is for the first time, the second time the fee is higher. Important notes: if a veteran is disabled there is no funding fee. There is also no monthly mortgage insurance on a VA loan. It is about 1/4% lower in interest rate than a conventional loan.

There are two FHA rehab loans: 203K streamline and the full 203K. The amount of the loan can include up to $30,000 in remodeling/renovations. If there are any structural changes, the full 203K loan is the only one that can be used. With the full 203K loan, it also requires an FHA consultant and that will be an extra fee. The interest rate for an FHA loan is 3 and 1/2% on both the loan amount and the renovations. A streamline 203K will take 6 weeks to close, the full 203K will take 8 weeks because of the consultant. According to Shawn Baeschlin, “The FHA program has a common perception of being a first time home buyer program, but can apply to people who have previously owned homes”. He goes on to say, “FHA does not finance second homes or rental properties. Currently you can get in with as little as 3.50% down, they allow credit histories that are less than perfect, as well as higher debt ratios than generally allowed with conventional financing. Mortgage insurance is a bit more expensive and is required to be on the loan until it is paid off”.

Both Vernonia (24 miles away) and Fishhawk Lake flooded in 2007, although not all lakefront homes were affected at that time. Fishhawk Lake is located in two counties, Columbia and Clatsop. Only a small area in Columbia County located on Fishhawk Creek has had its zoning changed to be designated as a flood zone. There are about 178 homes located at Fishhawk Lake and only approximately 62 were flooded.

A current seller who may have an elevated property as a result of a flood (referring to those  located on the Nehalem River or in Vernonia, none are elevated at Fishhawk Lake), can assign that elevation certificate to the new owners. Another piece of information that will save you money is that the buyer can assume the flood insurance policy from the seller if it covers what the buyer wants.

If you have more questions or want to view properties that are potentially in a flood zone, let me help you and I can also guide you in the right direction for finding that perfect loan and loan officer! 

Call Gayle today!

REALTOR® Vernonia Realty


*Shawn Baeschlin

Loan officer

NW Mortgage Group



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Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Market Activity-Spring 2014

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Snapshot of Activity in Our Market

Summer at Fishhawk Lake–lots of sales happening! Better get here NOW if you want that slice of paradise!!!

Summer kayaking on Fishhawk Lake

Summer kayaking on Fishhawk Lake

Properties are moving both on lakefront properties at Fishhawk Lake as well as off-the-lake. Currently there are two sale pendings in the “under $200,000 lake property for sale” range. A lakefront property just sold late last month and the happy buyers are quite busy making it their own.

Here are some that are still available:

   Luxury: $400,000+:

$589,000-9837 Beach Drive LAKEFRONT 3BR/3BA 6214 sq.ft, spectacular inside and out, every upgrade imaginable including a theatre (Priced under appraised value) ! This is no longer for sale. 

MLS#14525548 9837 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016

$420,000-LAKEFRONT 9813 Beach Drive 2204 sq ft, 3BR/2BA, luxury, granite, stone FP, lots of decks, vaulted ceiling, upgrades, garage, dock CUSTOM

 MLS#13001091 9813 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016

 $395,000-LAKEFRONT-71350 Northshore Drive 2870 sq.ft, 3BR,3BA +bonus/loft-LUXURY home, great location,tons of amenities, perfect for full time, turnkey, dock,decks, big shed, covered porch



Lakefront for under $300,000:

$297,000-10072 Lakeview Drive, 3BR/2BA, remodeled LAKEFRONT, clean&pristine, balcony,newer kitchen, covered carport This is now Sale Pending.

MLS#11633015 10072 Lakeview Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016


Off-the-Lake with a view of Fishhawk Lake:

Cabin on the Creek 10297 Ridgeview Terrace1885 sq. ft, 3BR/1.1BA with loft Many updates to this Pan-a-Bode log home.Private setting beautifully situated on Fishhawk Creek with 140′ of waterfront! Newer:kitchen,roof,carpet,deck.Loft for kids–or make it an office.Large basement for media and rec activities.Large basement for media and rec activities.Includes ALL lake amenities;fishing,boating,swimming,tennis,clbhouse. Private paradise, call today!



$189,000-71439 Northshore Drive– 1350SqFt,3BR/1BA Completely remodeled& sparkling. terrific views, new appliances, covered decks, room for garage



There are many lots of varying prices to be purchased with cash or private contract. Please call me to set up a tour of Fishhawk Lake real estate and see what you’re missing!

Gayle Rich-Boxman

 REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905

“Your Gateway to the Lake!”

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Fishhawk Lake Real Estate and Other Jobs As Assigned!

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate and Other Jobs As Assigned!

This is the latest of what I did rather outside the scope of normal real estate practices…just to help out my seller and my buyer. The story below:

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate–The Three Mooseketeers

How New Year’s Eve brought “resolution” to my real estate problem.

New Year’s Eve day I get a call from my sellers who happily tell me that they’ve moved everything out of their cabin for the buyers. “What did you do with the moose?” I ask.

“The moose? Why it’s still there,” said the seller.

Ohhhhhhh CRAP! The seller thought that because it was hung on the wall and that it had been there when they bought it 15 years ago, that it was considered a “fixture”. Uh, NOOOOO. The buyers were freaked out by it and I had assured them that it would be taken out along with the rest of the furniture.  This totally threw both of us into a tizzy as time is running out before closing and the sellers are going on a trip.  And I’d never had to move a moosehead before. Moments later, I came up with a plan and he added to it. I would be going to a neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party where I would ask, “Who would like to move a moose for a quick $100?”

That night, I stopped the first guy. He tried working me for $200. No dice, kid. Onto the next guy, a lovely man who happened to be the host of the party. Bob is the ultimate Can Do Guy and quickly said yes. (He didn’t even hear me mention the money–he was just going to do it as a favor).

Next day, Bob calls me. He has one of our other neighbors lined up to help with the Moose Removal. They picked me up and we headed over.

Moose head that needed to go!

Moose head that needed to go!

They have one of these heavy duty fold-up ladders that reaches really high. So Mooseketeer #1 (Bob)&  Mooseketeer#2 (Ralph) unfold and lock the ladder and Mooseketeer #2 goes up on the ladder, wrangles the moose off the wall and gingerly steps his way down while Moosketeer #1 and I (Mooseketeer #3) hang onto each side of the antlers to offer some stability. This moose is pretty massive,but he was no match for The Three Mooseketeers.

Bullwinkle and window view upstairs 2013-04-14 12.15.49

Within five minutes we were heading to it’s new destination, a perfectly suited log cabin owned by a longtime friend of Bob’s. On the way, Bob tells us the story about how there is a quilt placed above the fireplace where the moose will go. The owner, the husband has always hated that quilt and would have preferred a nice animal head instead. He hated that quilt so much that he shot at it one night while inebriated. When Mooseketeer #2 headed up the ladder cradling the moosehead, he discovered the hole. And that’s where the moose landed, right over that buckshot! Bob told me that the owner will be “ecstatic” when he sees it, because this will be a big surprise.

Not only did we find an easy solution, but Bob is richer by $100 (pool money he called it), there will be a new story to add to our collection of Fishhawk Lake Lore


the sellers and buyers won’t have to deal with it!

(I have to say that I found the moose to be rather forelorn, especially when I got an e-mail from the seller thanking me for “taking care of Bullwinkle…” sure wish that I hadn’t known his name).

(Original content appeared on ActiveRain blog: by this author).

Bullwinkle Finds a New Home

Bullwinkle Finds a New Home

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Kids and Viewing Properties

Bringing children along while looking at properties can’t always be avoided.

What I try to do is engage the children in being part of the decision process. I ask them direct questions about what they like (or don’t) and give them a chance to give me feedback. After all, Fishhawk Lake is a community for ALL AGES (Fishhawk Lake summer memories) and when looking at a vacation home or retirement or even full-time living, it will certainly impact the children/grand children and I welcome their being part of the process. Most of the time, I have clients meet me at my home and if I know that children are coming, I will turn on the lights to our ciclid fish tank and invite them over to see the fish as soon as they walk in the door. Even the BIG kids (i.e., their parents) like it, too!

fishtank 2013-11-04 21.37.55

Children’s opinions are just as important as adults. I had a five year old who was immediately comfortable in offering her reactions. Her olfactory senses were quite acute, and as with some older people, self-editing was not evident. They speak their minds.

“This house smells like graham crackers”.

“This house smells like peanuts”.

“This house doesn’t smell good”.

Hey, from that kind of direct feedback, I knew exactly where I stood!

When taking clients on a tour of Fishhawk Lake properties, I like to have them in my vehicle so that I can point out areas of interest, like our spillway, fishladder (where the spawning salmon come up from the Nehalem River), and other local spots that make us unique. It can be challenging with smaller children when shifting carseats into my rig. If it can be done, I much prefer that everyone come with me so that clients can relax and take in the sights. The carseat may have to be relinquished if I have several people piling into my vehicle to stay together. The kids will stay in the backseat and buckle up, regardless. Much of our community is 10MPH, so slow-as-you-go is something I point out to all of my clients. Our roads are paved, but sometimes narrow and often there are families walking, biking or have kids/dogs with them. It is in the country, and I think my clients embrace that slower pace of living fairly easily.

Usually, a first time tour of Fishhawk Lake takes about 2 hours,

aerial of Fishhawk Lake

which will include looking at AT LEAST 2 properties, often much more. That timespan is not feasible for younger children, so we get in as much as possible before crankiness or restlessness sets in. I suggest that everyone bring layers and shoes that can be easily removed. You just never know what the weather will bring moment-to-moment!

I had one family who gave their somewhat older sons (pre-teens) literal “homework”! The dad had put together a quasi excel spreadsheet with favorites, numbered 1-5 across the top and down the left side were listed the different rooms, views and favorite cabin along with engaging questions like, “Which cabin had the best kitchen to eat and cook in?”


This proved to be excellent in getting immediate feedback from a fully engaged family and they made an offer after the very first visit to Fishhawk Lake on a property that had only been on the market for two weeks in November!

Muralt home

I hope that parents will watch over their children and keep them in tow. Doesn’t always happen. I try not to get too riled up when kids bounce on beds or try out the pool table, but it would be a good idea if I didn’t have to put on my Parent Hat. If it’s the first time meeting clients, you can put them off if you take charge too quickly and tell the kids to stop that…but I would say, if you’re going to bring your little ones, make sure that they have some rules about touching other people’s things. I have to watch out for my sellers as well as my buyers, and trying to answer questions about a home, while keeping one eye on the kids running around in other rooms can be a daunting task. Not to mention distracting! My suggestion: if you have more than one adult with you, designate someone to be watching over the kids while the other asks questions about the property. Then, trade off. Parents know their children best and probably know their hot buttons, so if one parent is better at curtailing bad behavior early on, that might be the one to start with.

Best case scenario: adults come first and scope out the community at Fishhawk Lake, then come back and bring the kids for the thumbs up on the return visit.

Call or e-mail Gayle today for your own private tour of Fishhawk Lake properties for sale.


This article first posted on ActiveRain November 5, 2013.

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Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk at Fishhawk Lake-a rare photo opportunity

This is a Cooper’s Hawk. A juvenile Cooper’s Hawk at Fishhawk Lake.

Cooper's Hawk Juvenile at Fishhawk Lake

Cooper’s Hawk Juvenile at Fishhawk Lake

Although I didn’t know it when our two dogs flushed it out of a tree two doors down from our lakefront home on Fishhawk Lake. There was a small pile of feathers at the base of the tree where he had been. He flew up high and landed in a twist of limbs way above my head. I dashed home with the dogs, left them there and grabbed my Canon Rebel EOS T3i. Once I got the photos downloaded on my computer, I started doing my research. Adults are much darker.

I will include information from National Geographic on the description of Cooper’s Hawks, but first I want to share how I got him to look at me like this.

I was snapping away facing straight up into the tree and he was a good story and half above me, not really paying a whole lot of attention to my shooting. UNTIL, I decided I wanted to get him to look down at me. So, I made a big smooching sound and that’s EXACTLY when he looked straight at me and cocked his head! It was such a direct look of genuine interest that I was absolutely THRILLED to get this particular photo! (Who knew that making a kissing sound would work?!)

He was a real beauty and I knew he was young, even though I didn’t know what kind of hawk he was. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Here is more about Cooper’s Hawks:

The “chicken hawk” of colonial America, this medium-sized accipiter is a common sight at home bird feeders across the country, swooping in to nab an unwary dove or jay. Females are larger and bulkier than males, juveniles differ from adults. Monotypic. Length 14–20″ (36–51 cm); wingspan 29–37″ (74–94cm).

Identification The long tail is rounded at the tip, also the relatively short wings and flat-topped head are good field marks. Eye is close to the beak. Crown merges with forehead and bill in a smooth line. Adult: blue-gray upperparts, the crown is darker and contrasts with the lighter nape and buffy cheeks, giving the look of wearing a “beret.” Eye color is orange to red. Undersides with rufous barring, undertail is white. Juvenile: brown above, with rufous edges and white spots on upperwing coverts. Tail long, with straight bands and wide, white tip that wears down by spring. Head usually buffy, eyes pale yellow. Undersides are white with thin brown streaks, white undertail. Flight: wings typically held straight out from body, head, and neck projecting forward. This along with tail length make a “flying cross” appearance. Shallow, quick wingbeats alternate with short glides.

Geographic Variation Western populations hunting more open country are smaller, with longer wings, shorter legs than eastern birds. Plumages are alike.

Similar Species Northern goshawk is usually larger, heavier appearing, and has relatively shorter tail and longer wings. Sharp-shinned hawk is smaller and has a square tail.

Voice A low keh-keh-keh uttered around nest, occasionally mimicked by jays.

Status and Distribution Widespread through United States and southern Canada, more commonly seen in suburbs, probably due to reforestation in the East. Breeding: nests in a variety of forest types, preying on small- to medium-size birds and small mammals, hunting from perches under the canopy. Migration: in­creasing numbers at eastern hawk-watches probably due to better identification skills. Winter: juveniles winter farther north than adults; eastern birds move to the southern states, western birds to Mexico.

Population Common and stable in the West, increasing in the East.

—From the National Geographic book Complete   Birds of North America, 2006

Bird Features

  • Photo: A red bird with black wings on a branch

    Backyard Birding Central

    Want to learn more about our feathered friends of the sky? Visit our Backyard Birding site for facts, photos, videos, and more.

  • Illustration: Great horned owl

    What’s That Bird?

    Identify your backyard visitors in a flash! Just answer four simple questions to search our database of 150 backyard birds common to Canada and the U.S.

See More Bird Features »

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Fishhawk Lake Videos

Here we are just enjoying a couple of  gorgeous seasons of Fishhawk Lake

This Fishhawk Lake video was my own canoe trip one morning in May of 2012 on Fishhawk Lake. I was paddling while shooting video–not easy to do!! My very first video…please be forgiving of the bit of fuzziness. 

A playful summer video of solitary sailing and kids and a grand parent playing on the small beach over by the community lodge. 

Someone was lucky enough to catch a quick video of two beautiful Bald Eagles at Fishhawk Lake (I’m jealous!!!)

At the deadend of the north side of Fishhawk Lake, there is a salmon habitat area called Boxler Creek. This particular photo was taken in September one year. 

Fishhawk Creek, which is the main water source feeding the lake is where this video takes place showcasing salmon spawning up from Fishhawk Lake, which they do annually. Such a great sight to view and video!!

Near Fishhawk Lake is a variety of old logging roads that are excellent running/hiking trails off  of Greasy Spoon Road. Here’s an afternoon video I took as my Golden Retrievers and I were walking. 

Fishhawk Lake is a gorgeous private lake community and I am the realtor near the lake, and live here fulltime. If you want to indulge yourself in this lifestyle by owning lakefront property or lake property at Fishhawk Lake, and make your own Fishhawk Lake video, please call me for a private tour!

  Gayle Rich-Boxma,  Realtor with John L Scott Market Center 

  (503) 755-2905

Gayle Rich-BoxmanYour Gateway to the Lake!

Gayle Rich-Boxman
Your Local Expert!

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Decorating a Cabin Part 2-Themes

When decorating the interior or even the exterior of a cabin or lake home, certainly themes can come into play. I’ve seen it all from bear themes, to nautical and in between. (I have talked about cabin decorating in other posts…check them out. Check here for Decorating a Cabin.

Welcome to our cabin throw 2012-12-087

Being the consummate cabin-on-the-lake girl, I love items with elk, deer,

Dreamcatcher on juniper table 2012-12-18 15.52.44


leaf theme collage

fishfish decor and vaseFish art on wall in lakeroom 2012-12-090

and a lake theme intertwined with wood-hued tones and muted shades of leather or fabric as the backdrop. Accent pieces can be rugs, granite or some other stone, appliances, mantel décor, pillows and/or throws casually tossed over a couch, bed or the favorite reading chair.

Guest BR with throw

Some people stick with pinecones as a running theme throughout the interior from switch plates to baskets or bowls filled with ones the family have gathered.basket with pinecones in lakeroom 2012-12-18 15.37.46

I’ve seen homes decorated with really cool old fishing tackle, and rustic antique cooking utensils. Mixing these things with the background of wood, leather or fur makes it really easy to go a variety of directions. If you’re going with a more rustic or traditional cabin look, you don’t want too much color as it makes it feel very contemporary or very artsy and it seems that the cabiny/lodge feel leans more towards earth tones with either whites, creams, greens, reds or yellows being accent colors.

Mantel decor 2012-11-032

One of the things I notice that some “lake people” are really drawn to are signs of all kinds.

(This was a special order from Black Forest Decor, thanks, Mom!)

Welcome to Fishhawk sign Black Forest Decor 2012-12-096

From lovely sayings written for wall hangings to linens, to frames that have things written on them, it can speak volumes to your neighbors and friends at Fishhawk Lake about your philosophy or just cause some laughter!Beware of pickpockets sign 2012-12-18 16.02.36

(This was in one of my listings that I sold in 2011–the owner gave it to us as a gift for our new home, because he knew I loved it! I think it’s an original).

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The Story of Our Lake Goose

The Story of our Lake Goose

The first time I ever “met” our resident lady Lake Goose, she was with two others, a male and female. I was taking photos of my new Fishhawk Lake lakefront listing several years ago and was on the shoreline when they came swimming up.

The Three Geese Coming to be Fed

The Three Geese Coming to be Fed

I went home and got some bread and fed them.  I believe she was a widow, since several species of birds mate for life.

Feeding the Geese

Feeding the Geese

Soon after, the other two disappeared. She was alone. I saw her wandering down the paved road, way off the lake, her voice raised in desperate honks looking for them everywhere. It tore at my heart and to this day still brings tears.

As the years have gone by, she has kept mostly to herself. The Canadian Geese will fly in for the winters

Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese

and occasionally they have allowed her to tag along. But, mostly I see her alone, thriving, year after year.

lonely goose

I thought she might be an Emperor Goose, who seem to gravitate towards lakes and rivers, marshes and such in areas similar to Fishhawk Lake, in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and parts of northern California, but mostly Alaska. But her beak is the wrong shape and color. From a bit of research, she seems to lean more towards the Pilgrim Goose breed, a rare domestic breed that originated in Iowa around 1935. Their status is listed as critical. Her face has more white, but like many of us humans, she started out a different shade most likely and it got whiter with age. After reading that they have a good temperament, with a calm and sweet nature, which she embodies, I think that fits our Lake Goose to a T!

Last summer I was showing lakefront property on Fishhawk Lake to prospective buyers who had a young son. We walked out onto the deck facing the lake. Who should greet us but our lady Lake Goose and two mallard ducks! She waddled determinedly right up onto the deck looking for handouts. I went to my truck and got some tasty morsels, some liver treats for my Golden Retrievers. She ate gently right out of my hand, much to the delight of the buyers.

It seems that she has been here at least 15 years, from the history of one of my neighbors who readily feeds all of the geese and other birds throughout the seasons, from their lakefront home that’s listed with me. I had no idea that they live this long. I just read that Pilgrim geese live about 20-22 years.

I hadn’t seen her much this winter and I worry about her. This past weekend, though,she went gliding by my lakefront home and I grabbed my camera. The weather had warmed up enough to melt the ice that had formed in the last couple of weeks on Fishhawk Lake and she was out for a stroll….by herself. I caught a few shots of her in between my greenery.

Our Lake Goose 2013

Our Lake Goose 2013

Then, moments later, I saw a group of coots head her way. They exchanged hellos as she moved along her solitary path.

Lake Goose and Coots

Lake Goose and Coots

She looked quite content.

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Fishhawk Lake Dredging “I think I can! I think I can!”

Fishhawk Lake Dredge Fishhawk Lake Dredge

This little dredge always makes me think of The Little Engine That Could, the motivational children’s book. We have had it forever here at Fishhawk Lake, it keeps on pluggin’ along and other than it scaring my pup, Kasa

KASA UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL 2012-11-06 22.48.52

(she never likes inanimate objects and barks like crazy) it does what it’s supposed to throughout the seasons at Fishhawk Lake.

Dredge Operator for Fishhawk Lake

Dredge Operator for Fishhawk Lake

This little guy dredges the silt that collects through the seasons at Fishhawk Lake and through a large piping system takes it to dry land into spoils ponds or other designated areas, which later can be used by others in the community. There are giant floating balls sitting on the surface of the lake to show boaters where the pipe is located just under the surface so that they don’t boat over it by mistake.

The dredge moves around throughout the year and there are areas of Fishhawk Lake that are too deep for it to reach, so they don’t get dredged. Right now, he’s in front of my home, thus the photo op!

The dredge operator for Fishhawk Lake is Bob Clark , a gentle-man and a local who comes out early in the AM and works usually about 6 hours per day several times a week.

When I’m walking the dogs in the morning, we often see each other and he always wishes me a good day in a cheery voice—and he really means it.

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Fishhawk Lake Kayaking

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Kayaking into the New Year

A Life Lesson

Kayaker on Fishhawk Lake During a New Snowfall New Year's Eve

Kayaker on Fishhawk Lake During a New Snowfall
New Year’s Eve

My husband saw this fella out in the snow falling on Fishhawk Lake New Year’s Eve so I grabbed my camera. Such an interesting dichotomy—a summer sport being done in a snowfall, as if to say, “I CAN!”

For me, this kayaker was offering  a good lesson for life; if you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t matter about the obstacles in your way. Just move them and keep going forward. Weather the storms and you will achieve whatever you want and enjoy doing it!

So, if you want to go after what you want, no matter what stands in your way, go for it!

I got a new listing from a FSBO the same day. (For sale by owner). I love what I do!

Certainly a great start to the year!

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