Fishhawk Lake Real Estate and Other Jobs As Assigned!

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate and Other Jobs As Assigned!

This is the latest of what I did rather outside the scope of normal real estate practices…just to help out my seller and my buyer. The story below:

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate–The Three Mooseketeers

How New Year’s Eve brought “resolution” to my real estate problem.

New Year’s Eve day I get a call from my sellers who happily tell me that they’ve moved everything out of their cabin for the buyers. “What did you do with the moose?” I ask.

“The moose? Why it’s still there,” said the seller.

Ohhhhhhh CRAP! The seller thought that because it was hung on the wall and that it had been there when they bought it 15 years ago, that it was considered a “fixture”. Uh, NOOOOO. The buyers were freaked out by it and I had assured them that it would be taken out along with the rest of the furniture.  This totally threw both of us into a tizzy as time is running out before closing and the sellers are going on a trip.  And I’d never had to move a moosehead before. Moments later, I came up with a plan and he added to it. I would be going to a neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party where I would ask, “Who would like to move a moose for a quick $100?”

That night, I stopped the first guy. He tried working me for $200. No dice, kid. Onto the next guy, a lovely man who happened to be the host of the party. Bob is the ultimate Can Do Guy and quickly said yes. (He didn’t even hear me mention the money–he was just going to do it as a favor).

Next day, Bob calls me. He has one of our other neighbors lined up to help with the Moose Removal. They picked me up and we headed over.

Moose head that needed to go!

Moose head that needed to go!

They have one of these heavy duty fold-up ladders that reaches really high. So Mooseketeer #1 (Bob)&  Mooseketeer#2 (Ralph) unfold and lock the ladder and Mooseketeer #2 goes up on the ladder, wrangles the moose off the wall and gingerly steps his way down while Moosketeer #1 and I (Mooseketeer #3) hang onto each side of the antlers to offer some stability. This moose is pretty massive,but he was no match for The Three Mooseketeers.

Bullwinkle and window view upstairs 2013-04-14 12.15.49

Within five minutes we were heading to it’s new destination, a perfectly suited log cabin owned by a longtime friend of Bob’s. On the way, Bob tells us the story about how there is a quilt placed above the fireplace where the moose will go. The owner, the husband has always hated that quilt and would have preferred a nice animal head instead. He hated that quilt so much that he shot at it one night while inebriated. When Mooseketeer #2 headed up the ladder cradling the moosehead, he discovered the hole. And that’s where the moose landed, right over that buckshot! Bob told me that the owner will be “ecstatic” when he sees it, because this will be a big surprise.

Not only did we find an easy solution, but Bob is richer by $100 (pool money he called it), there will be a new story to add to our collection of Fishhawk Lake Lore


the sellers and buyers won’t have to deal with it!

(I have to say that I found the moose to be rather forelorn, especially when I got an e-mail from the seller thanking me for “taking care of Bullwinkle…” sure wish that I hadn’t known his name).

(Original content appeared on ActiveRain blog: by this author).

Bullwinkle Finds a New Home

Bullwinkle Finds a New Home

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