Fishhawk Lake Community Lodge

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Fishhawk Lake Community Lodge

Fishhawk Lake Community Lodge

an Avenue for Activities!

Map of Fishhawk Lake

There are many draws for families and friends to head to the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse for both weekenders and full timers here at Fishhawk Lake.

Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

Beach and kids (of all ages)

Anytime the sun comes out and the temperatures hit above 70ish, I see generations of people bringing kids over to our “postage stamp” of a beach where there is sand and small steps that lead into the shallow water, making it quite easy for little ones to go safely into Fishhawk Lake.

Playing at the Beach on Fishhawk Lake

Playing at the Beach on Fishhawk Lake

Beach “tools” are left for whoever wants to use them; buckets, shovels, and occasionally someone leaves something for the next family to enjoy. The sound of splashing and giggling rippling across the lake is a sure sign that summer is arriving.  There are picnic tables for the oldsters to sit back and take in the energy of the grandkids or for the young family who wants to picnic during the day, leaving only when the sun wanes and it’s time for dinner.


The grounds are flat, with lots of lawn for throwing balls for your dog to chase or if you have a waterdog, the shoreline is easy for them to perch or take a leap into Fishhawk Lake. Living across from the clubhouse,

Dogs Welcome at Fishhawk Lake

Dogs Welcome at Fishhawk Lake

I see many a Retriever type swimming back and forth grabbing a ball that’s been thrown in the water for them by their owner. Dog heaven, but please bring poo bags and leashes!


There are docks dotted along the shores of the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse area for places to bring your paddleboat, pontoon or kayak and dock them.

Paddleboating on Fishhawk Lake with his best friend

Paddleboating on Fishhawk Lake with his best friend

You can boat over, use the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse area for the day and then boat home. Many youngsters will use a sturdy paddleboat to go from home to the clubhouse because they are fun for the kids, easy to use and they don’t tip over dumping them in the water the way a canoe or kayak can if you’re not used to how tipsy these watercraft can be when getting in or out of them.(Certainly there are many who are comfortable with a kayak…)

Kayaking by the Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

Kayaking by the Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

There is also a boat ramp located at the clubhouse if that’s easier.

Social Events

The social committee sponsors many an event at the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse, or you can rent it for special occasions, like retreats or weddings. Valentine’s Day Dinner, Fun Day,

Social Events at The Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

Social Events at The Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

bunco for the local ladies are just a few of the many social doings that we have going on here regularly at Fishhawk Lake!


The tennis court gets used often and it has a basketball hoop set up for anyone interested. Pickleball has now become quite popular on the tennis court! There is a net for volleyball and two horseshoe pits.  The flat grounds make it amenable for playing catch or throwing Frisbees.


Depending upon the season, you will see Canadian geese (in the winter months mostly),

Canadian Geese on the beach at Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

Canadian Geese on the beach at Fishhawk Lake Clubhouse

mallard ducks, or deer walking about the grounds. Other waterfowl like mergansers can be seen in the waters near the beach.
Even the occasional otter and beaver in the waters are prevalent along the shoreline as well as salamanders and jumping fish–always fun to watch for!

Fishhawk Lake is always a great place to create lifetime memories with your family as you grow older. Come explore, enjoy and make it YOUR PLACE to connect with your family and friends! Call me, the local Fishhawk Lake realtor for a private tour of homes and lots for sale at Fishhawk Lake.

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