This is a private lake for members only to use
no public access, thank you for respecting that

Canoeing on Fishhawk Lake in February-Photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman

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Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community
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(Fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife,& so much more!)
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Photos of Fishhawk Lake by Gayle Rich-Boxman

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  1. Olivia says:

    If we purchase a lot we can only have our Rv parked there a total of 60 days a years? We would love a summer spot, but it would be closer to 90 days a year we would want to use it.
    Thank you

  2. Adrienne Kramberg says:

    Hello. I’m looking at property at fishhawk lake, a favorite vacation spot as a child. I’ve looked at the HOA guidelines. I see the following:
    “No shed, tent, canopy, garage, mobile home, manufactured home, recreational vehicle or Outbuilding may be used as a permanent residence. Any of the foregoing may be used as a temporary residence during construction of a permanent residence with approval of
    the Architectural Committee but not to exceed ten months. Tents, canopies, and recreational vehicles may be used on Lots for weekend and vacation occupancy up to a maximum of 60 days per year, subject to such Rules and Regulations.”
    This was written before the tiny home craze. Are there standards or rules regarding tiny homes? Is there a minimum home size?

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