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This is a new section added to give you a seasonal idea of what’s happening at Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community regarding real estate market trends that I am seeing in relationship to the time of year and also changes I’ve seen in the 15+ years of having Fishhawk Lake as my niche market. 

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After owning property here as both part time and then a full time resident since 2003, there are barometers that I can see from living in this rural community for so long that other realtors don’t have intimate knowledge of.  Being the local expert for a very long time, and through all kinds of ups and downs since 2006 when I started in real estate gives my buyers and sellers the opportunity to deeply understand what Fishhawk Lake has to offer them for both purchasing property or listing it with me.

Fall Trends 2018

The buying and selling of properties at Fishhawk Lake was moving along quite steadily throughout the spring and summer and much of our delightfully sunny October. The “off” button just got switched on only within the last week or so. 

Some homes sold in a New York minute

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while others have steadily languished for yet another season, come-and-gone. 

There are still some real beauties that are move-in ready for sale. 

9838 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR Now listed at $283,000

There has been a plethora of interest in vacant lots! Buyers with cash wanting a piece of the Fishhawk Lake pie but not ready to commit to a higher priced home that might involve a loan, or that they simply want to camp and think about building later. I’m seeing this much more frequently this year than in years past.

(Lakefront lot pictured below listed and sold by me for future building after new owners retire).

Fishhawk Lake lakefront lot listed and sold by Gayle Rich-Boxman 6.2018

Fishhawk Lake lakefront lot listed and sold by Gayle Rich-Boxman 6.2018

Lakefront lots are becoming scarce and buyers still covet the idea of being on the water, but either the price isn’t attractive or it’s not the side of the lake that they prefer. I have a sale pending for a waterfront lot that is a beauty, flat and buildable and on the canal, with the privacy that the buyers were looking for, after a failed attempt to buy some land being sold privately (without a seller’s agent). Otherwise, most vacant lots are off-the-lake, either along a creek or one of the roads that are part of the community. 


More inquiries are being made about upcoming retirement and/or full time living while possibly working remotely part time. Those who are willing to make a bit of a longer commute are finding that the pricing at Fishhawk Lake, along with county taxes is MUCH more amenable than both found in the Portland and surrounding urban areas. 


There are currently 14 homes for sale ranging in price from $174,000 to $499,900. Nine vacant lots are for sale ranging from $7,500 to $40,000 all of which are non-lakefront, with only one being waterfront, located on beautiful Boxler Creek, where the salmon spawn yearly and has a view of Fishhawk Lake. 

71874 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld Listed for $20,000 with Gayle Rich-Boxman


           71874 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld $20,000 listed by Gayle Rich-Boxman 

Only two properties are in sale pending: one lakefront A-frame, listed at $299,000 and a canal front lot that I have in sale pending (representing the buyers), listed at $59,900. 


People are still contacting me about Fishhawk Lake, (the latest, today; a woman from Los Angeles area), what it has to offer, how many are vacationers vs full time and questions that are very similar to everyone else’s. Here is a link to those often-asked top ten questions that each buyer seems to want to address:

Ten Questions Buyers Ask (About Fishhawk Lake)

90 minutes from Portland to Paradise! 

If this piques your interest to know more about Fishhawk Lake properties, give your local expert a call!

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