Kids and Dogs=Fun at the Lake!


 Gayle Rich-Boxman

Fulltime Resident, Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club

Broker, Vernonia Realty, (503)755-2905


With the advent of better weather, people at Fishhawk Lake are getting out of the winter doldrums and starting to take those longed-for walks with their family members, two-legged and four!!! This is a perfect community for easy walks clear around Fishhawk Lake (if you don’t mind a wee bit of mud here and there), as there is a path along with paved roads that go around the whole lake, about 3 miles altogether.  Because we are off the beaten track, it’s more user-friendly for taking youngsters and dogs out to play ball, check out the clubhouse and playstructure, even dabble your feet (or paws!) in the water at the beach in front of the clubhouse.  I actually saw kids playing in the water a couple of weeks ago, when we had some really sunny weather.  That intermittent sunshine is NEVER wasted on Oregonians, we eat it up when the sun comes out–even if it’s for ten minutes at a time in between rain showers!

Because of the fact that we are four miles off of Hwy. 202, we don’t see gobs of traffic on our main road, Fishhawk Rd. The speed limit is 10mph here, but not everyone adheres to that….you can still find plenty of room to walk to the side and let someone drive by and wave; that’s absolutely part of the neighborly mentality in our Fishhawk Lake community.  It’s funny, we can always tell when we get “lookie-loos” because you’ll wave at them and they look at you like you have three eyes! 

For those people who want to walk their dogs in a more casual manner, breathe in the coastal-clean fresh air or have their young children create memories that don’t involve a television set, this is such a great place to do that!


Playstructure by the clubhouse, built by members of the Fishhawk Lake community

There are terrific water activities, too that will give kids a chance to use up some of that excess energy.  Paddleboats are fun and safe for kids to use.  You can have two children in one boat, paddling around the whole lake easily. There are two boat ramps, for easy access to the lake and if you don’t own your own dock, these can house your boats, year round.  The water is for swimming as well as our community water source.  You don’t have to worry about gas motors dirtying up our water, either, as they aren’t allowed here, only electric motors. Kayaks and canoes abound here, too.  It makes for a quieter lake where you can hear the Canadian geese flying overhead, or listen to the frogs singing or just take a peaceful moment to “breathe” while standing on the deck of the clubhouse and taking in the outstanding views of the lake, surrounding mountains, clouds and amazingly expansive skies.

View near the tennis court and the canal at Fishhawk Lake

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