Bryozoans- A Moss Animal that Shows How Healthy Fishhawk Lake is!

Bryozoans- A Moss Animal that Shows How Healthy Fishhawk Lake is!

Fishhawk Lake-Bryozoans-Who Knew??

Last night, we had our new neighbors over to get to know them. One of the questions that came up was about some gelatinous gob of goo they saw while on a kayak trip this last weekend on Fishhawk Lake. I have seen this and I swore that it was eggs waiting to hatch that would become some of our resident salamanders who are both land-dwelling and aquatic. 

Salamander at Fishhawk Lake-Gayle Rich-Boxman 2014 Copyrighted All Rights Reserved

I, however, was wrong! In doing some research online, my neighbor, Bobby found that instead they are called Bryozoans.

Bryozoans on a stick(This was exactly what I saw one day on the dock by one of our boatramps).

Not very attractive name or look, but interesting nonetheless. He found a link called “PondPros Blog” and it was addressing a question that a customer had about using their products safely with this “thing” that he took pictures of. Turns out that they are freshwater Bryozoans and this was how they were defined according to the blogger’s aquatic experts. 

Bryozoans are colonies of zooids that function together to outcompete other creatures for a similar food source.  They are filter

feeders that areClose Up of Bryozoan
not finicky in their feeding habits.  They filter the water and consume whatever microorganisms pass through their filter.  These may include bacteria
(both good and bad), protozoa, amoeba, planktonic algae, zoo plankton and the
spores or young of these various organisms.

They do not consume non-living wastes that pass through the filter; only living organisms are taken up as food.  It appears that they can only exist and thrive in oxygen rich and food rich environments.  They also require a fairly clean (no turbidity from clay/silt) water.  One other limiting factor would appear to be
depth.  A researcher noted that freshwater bryozoans were limited in his observation to around 6 feet of depth.

Commonly called a “moss animal”, here is what Wikipedia had to say:

[bryozoans] are a phylum of aquaticinvertebrate animals. Typically about 0.5 millimetres (0.020 in) long, they are filter feeders that sieve food particles out of the water using a retractable lophophore, a “crown” of tentacles lined with cilia. Most marine species live in tropical waters, but a few occur in oceanic trenches, and others are found in polar waters. One class lives only in a variety of freshwater environments, and a few members of a mostly marine class prefer brackish water. Over 4,000 living species are known. One genus is solitary and the rest colonial.

They are called zooids because they are not a completely independent animals. One of the positives mentioned above is that Fishhawk Lake must be an oxygen rich environment with it being a clean, turbidity-free environment, because these are being found here. Fishhawk Lake is our community’s water source, so when we see these creatures in our waters, I think it’s a good sign! Here was another positive that we can assume, as written in ProPond’s blog:

In light of these observations, First of all, bryozoans appear to be beneficial to removing unwanted organisms from the water, so elimination of them would likely be detrimental to the aquatic environment. 

So, leave them be if you see them, they’re a good moss animal to have around! (Yet, something ELSE in our little community to talk about while on Fishhawk Lake!)

*This one’s for you, Bobby…thank you and glad you are my newest neighbors!* 


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Fishhawk Lake-Greasy Spoon Road-A Bit of History About the Name

Fishhawk Lake-The Story of Greasy Spoon Road

 The legend is this from storytelling being passed down through the locals and from some research I did back in 2011 and an old railroad history website.

Greasy Spoon Rd 014

 This particular set of logging roads (a mile away from Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community) have been around since the 1800s. They stretch from Fishhawk Road clear to Astoria, a coastal city an hour away, all gravel and dirt, windy and high in elevation, with fingers of dead ends that branch off in a few directions.Greasy Spoon sign

According to longtime, generational logging neighbors, there was an Asian family that set up a simple cafe/diner/camp cookhouse somewhere up off of Greasy Spoon Road (actual location unknown) to feed the loggers. At one time, there was some kind of railroad that passed through (remnants of it are still in Birkenfeld Oregon off of Neverstill Road), with one of its stops at Thompson Siding, the location of where our current clubhouse is and old railroad trestles are buried under the lake. Logs were shipped by railroad, or by horses, earlier on. 

These fellas worked long hard hours, toiling in the forestlands and it is still a very physically demanding job. I am sure that hunger was a big part of their daily demand, and feeding scads of starving loggers took copious amounts of cheap food FAST. 

If any of you have eaten at a “greasy spoon” (I did while in college after closing up my boyfriend’s bar nightly and it was the only place open after 2am), it’s basic food with plain ingredients and involves lots of lard, butter (if you’re lucky) or bacon grease! This is my definition. Wikipedia didn’t have any definition, but instead shot me over to “diner”, breakfast, and nothing much else. Maybe I should define it and send it to them?? I did find something that put the phrase “greasy spoon”  into “wobbly terms” (love that!), which is defined as this:

Wobbly lingo is a collection of technical languagejargon, and historic slang used by the Industrial Workers of the World, known as the Wobblies, for more than a century. Many Wobbly terms derive from or are coextensive with hobo expressions used through 1940s.

Origin and usage[edit]


Words and phrases in Wobbly lingo may have different meanings in different contexts or in different geographic areas. The “lingo” developed from the specific needs of the organisation as well as the experiences of working-class people. For several decades, many hobos in the United States were members of, or were sympathetic to, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Because of this, some of the terms describe the life of a hobo such as “riding the rails”, living in “jungles”, dodging the “bulls”. The IWW’s efforts to organise all trades allowed the lingo to expand to include terms relating to mining campstimber work, and farming.

Any way you look at it, the term does amuse the senses and seems to please all who hear it or read it when I use it as an adjective or noun while mentioning it from photos I’ve taken up there or a hike, or run that I’ve made up Greasy Spoon Road. I have had endless opportunities to take photos throughout the days and seasons and I never get the same shot twice. It even spurned a poem from my soul recently Quiet After a Forest Rain. 

Greasy Spoon Memorial Day 2010

Kasa My Golden Retriever up on Greasy Spoon Rd morning of 4.13.14-copyrighted all rights reserved Gayle Rich-Boxman 2014Greasy Spoon morning in August 2014

Greasy Spoon sunset in the trees 2014-04-29 19.25.25

Spider web fan 2014-08-23 08.17.16

Kasa on Greasy Spoon in the fall 2014-10-09 18.34.20 (1)

Logging still goes on today, along with hunting (much to my dismay) and a few other manly activities, but mostly it’s just there for folks to take a jaunt

Hiking buddies 027

or an ATV ride if they feel so inclined and it is always a perfect venue for photo ops. Be sure and take a knowledgeable friend or a GPS, because it will be quite easy for you to get lost if you don’t know your way. If you get up high enough, you can see the Columbia River in all of its splendor!

Columbia River from Greasy Spoon Rd-Gayle Rich-Boxman 7.12.14 Copyrighted All Rights Reserved

OR: you can come along virtually with me and never get lost!

Gayle Rich-Boxman

REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905
Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club
“Your Gateway to the Lake!”
(Fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife,& so much more!)
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Fishhawk Lake Fall Fotos!

Fishhawk Lake Fall Fotos for Fun!

Our lakefront view

our view IMGP1621

Fall trees at Fishhawk Lake Gayle Rich-Boxman 2011

A maple on Fishhawk Road

The view from the bridge over Fishhawk Creek facing the Lake

autumn leaves on Greasy Spoon Road

Autumn leaves on Greasy Spoon Road 

Berg farm in autumn

The Berg Farm on Fishhawk Road

Peacock at Cascadian Nursery

A peacock with an autumn backdrop at Cascadian Nursery

fall on Fishhawk Road Schoenky lot

A peek at the lake from Fishhawk Road Autumn 2007

favorite fall photo of 2006 Gayle Rich-Boxman IMG_1063

 The fall “foto” of Fishhawk Lake that I use for my website and business cards.

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Fishhawk Lake-Sheds for Vacant Land or Property with Established Home

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate- Sheds for Vacant Land or Property with Established  Home 

Often when people are looking at buying vacant land here at Fishhawk Lake, they want to know what kind of building they can put on it until they decide to take the step to actually put a home on the property. First off, you don’t ever have to build. You can camp on it til the cows come home if you’d like! (But, no cows or chickens or goats allowed, sorry). You can leave a motor home for sixty days per year on the property. 

If you want to put a shed on it, you can go up to 96 sq. ft. We just bought a vacant lot and put this darling barnstyle shed on it–so cute! It was built off-site and brought in. Old Hickory Sheds is who we worked with.


Tuff Sheds are another option. They are quite functional, and both come with either gravel in a level foundation or concrete, your choice. Both can come with windows, shelving, etc. They will also level the shed once it arrives. 

If you own a home at Fishhawk Lake, you can have any size shed you want. We built a doggie condo for our Golden Retrievers about a year and a half ago, 

Doggie condo at Fishhawk Lake

and with this type of design or any that you build, you will need to go through the Fishhawk Lake Architectural Committee.  It is supposed to match the home as closely as possible. 

With any kind of structure whether it’s on vacant land or on the property with the home that you already own at Fishhawk Lake, you will need to present plans, setbacks, roof color and type, and a rough sketch, but it doesn’t need to be to scale. I can get you in touch with the head of the Architectural Committee if you have more specific questions prior to a purchase.

I’ve done it all, from buying a vacant lot to the largest home on Fishhawk Lake so let me be your 

“Gateway to the Lake!”

Call me today!!

Gayle C. Rich-Boxman real estate expert for Fishhawk Lake

 REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905

Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Reserve and  Community

Original post appears on ActiveRain 2014.

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Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Finances versus Desires-Getting Creative in Buying Property

Fishhawk Lake

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Finances versus Desires-Getting Creative in Buying Property

When Real Estate Isn’t About the Money

(Even Though It Is)

There are those buyers who will pinch every last dime out of a transaction and come away the only winner. 

These are not the buyers I’m talking about. 

The buyers that more often come along are the ones with a strong wish, desire or driving force that is creating a need for a property that they don’t currently have. It’s not just driven by the budget, but by an emotion. 

It could be one of these:

I want to be 10 minutes from my work”. 

“I want an ocean view”. 

“I want to live out in the country, in wide open spaces with no close neighbors”. 

“I want to live on a lake so that my grandkids can enjoy what I had as a child”.

These buyers may start out with a budget. But, the savvy realtor has to look at these buyers and first determine: who is the decision maker? Is it the spouse with the champagne taste or the other spouse with the beer budget? Who is driving the bus and who is just along for the ride? 

If the realtor really pays attention to the ultimate wishlist, then the buyers may end up falling in love with that particular property that gives them the WOW factor that they were seeking, but is above their current budget. 

It happens!

If the WOW factor has hit them between the eyes, then it certainly could have the same kind of effect on others down the road when it comes time to sell that same property. They may be spending more now, but they could also be buying that gem that will be a great investment because they saw the worth that others will see, too. 

Of course, there is the buyer who goes for the Pygmalion in the community; that diamond in the rough that they can get for a steal. Then that may be the driving force. The POTENTIAL. At a great price. 

But….let’s get back to the buyers who have found their dream property, yet it’s going to require more money. The “buy in” is that the realtor has given them what they were seeking emotionally, now it’s time to get creative with the money. Unless they’re paying cash, they will need a great loan person with creative solutions. Do they have other assets they could sell? Any stocks that they could liquidate?  Do they have an equity line-of-credit? Could they borrow against a 401K (not necessarily the best solution)?  If it’s a vacation property could it become a rental? A good loan expert can offer some wonderful ways to get creative at a potentially low interest rate and it could even offer some tax benefits. 

Years ago, before I knew I would be in real estate, my husband and I found Fishhawk Lake. We ended up buying a lot, just after we’d bought a brand new tent trailer. We figured we’d camp on our lot for a few years, then build. Then the almost- brand new, custom-built home next door went into foreclosure (this was long before the whole mortgage debacle). It was a gorgeous 2-story chalet.71291 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016

The price was reasonable, but still more than we could manage. But, we wanted it! We told our realtor at the time to throw out a ridiculously low price to the bank. He said they’d never go for it. They immediately dropped the price $20,000 in a counter-offer. We got busy, quickly selling the tent trailer and my husband’s Corvette. A little more finnagling financially and we walked into our vacation home with about $20,000 equity! And it had only had one owner for about a year. Later, our vacation home became our full-time home and then I became a realtor and ended up selling it TWICE after we purchased it, in 2003! Now it has full-timers who absolutely LOVE it. (Just like we did). 

When people have a strong emotional desire that they’ve had for years, they decide that they want to fulfill it and the realtor delivers, it’s amazing what buyers will do to make it happen. 

Let me help you get creative with fulfilling your dreams!

 Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905
Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club
“Your Gateway to the Lake!”
(Fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife,& so much more!)
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Fishhawk Lake-The Last Breath of Summer as the Season Wanes

Fishhawk Lake-The Last Breath of Summer

The early morning sunlight is coming up later and later…the skies get filmy and dark before 8 o’clock, the air is no longer silky on the skin at night, but more like a coolness that calls for a thin shirt to blanket the shoulders. These are all testaments of time that shorten the season of summer. 

Thousand Islands New York

The laughter of children’s voices on the lake is no longer constant. Birds get quieter and go find cover sooner. Some find that quiet times inside become more frequent. 

Ahhhh….the last breath of summer is upon us. It gives us a chance to reflect. Summer often brings family times, events that are to be noted years later. 

Travel. Time out from busy lives. 


To others, it is only late days of doing endless work til the sun finally slips over the horizon and those work days come to an end until that same sun crests over the horizon to bring hours upon hours of sweat and toil. 

At Fishhawk Lake, summer represents many days of getting back to the simple things in life. Taking long walks,

sitting on a porch or dock  and catching up on conversations with loved ones about busy lives.

Chairs on a dock at Fishhawk Lake-Gayle Rich-Boxman Copyrighted All Rights Reserved 2014

Dipping toes in water with small children, maybe for the first time and hearing the giddy sounds of childish laughter as a new experience takes place.

Gayle Rich-Boxman Copyright 2012

Reading that book that someone has set aside for those long hours of relaxation on a lake in the country. 

Many experiences large and small happen during summer months–some that can last a lifetime in memories that need to be recaptured to retain that sense of youthfulness. Or…to pass onto children as a reminder that true LIFE can be found in involving yourself in nature, in a single moment found on a walk down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. The first sight of a dappled fawn quietly raising its head to take you in. You may be their  first human experience, too! 

Fawn at Fishhawk Lake-Gayle Rich-Boxman Copyrighted All Rights Reserved 2014

As summer fades, it gives one a chance to remember the delights of sun-soaked days, of the true joys of vacation, but it also gives one a chance to take time out from the harriness of a fast life and simply stop  for a moment and breathe. 

If you enjoyed this blogpost, please feel free to comment or even call for more information about my slice of paradise, Fishhawk Lake

Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905
Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club
“Your Gateway to the Lake!”
(Fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife,& so much more!)
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Fishhawk Lake Local Artists Abound!

Fishhawk Lake draws magic, whether from its local flora and fauna or the folks that live here and vacation here, it casts quite a spell over us all! One of the treasures is the range of artists, poets, writers and photographers who feel compelled by some earthly (or otherworldly) force to seek out Fishhawk Lake to allow their artistic leanings to find their fruition in this place of solace. The range of artistry is quite eclectic. An old-timer, Bob Yoder felt compelled many years ago to write poetry dedicated to Fishhawk Lake or even about some of the local characters that have come and gone. The Picture is one of his loveliests.

Bob Yoder Does it All! Photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman at annual Firewise Community Volunteer Clean up.

Some of Bob Yoder’s younger generations of family have taken it a step further with video set to music.

Two Chairs is one of my favorite poems, written by Anonymous.


Beckoning…photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk Lake Realtor and photographer 2012

The Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club website has devoted a link to “Residents Write”.   A published author, David Bryen, wrote of his motorcycle adventures in Mexico, after his home sold here that he built himself in 1984 and he spoke of a dying Heron that he held here one summer–a moment that changed his life. Photographers have free reign to capture so many of Mother Nature’s moments that all you have to do is wake up, look out your window and grab your camera. Everchanging landscapes, wildlife flying or swimming by or just the coolish, misty morning can be a photographer’s muse!

Mike Johnson just bought a home at Fishhawk Lake through me. This is his vista in the spring of 2014.

Mike Johnson, new homeowner at Fishhawk Lake, longtime photographer

Painters have the same type of passion that can be tapped into by the Fishhawk Lake surroundings and the quiet can offer opportunity to sit peacefully on a front deck and give in to whatever the paintbrush brings to life. Cheryl Barlow started painting a number of years ago after suffering a head trauma injury. Her works can be purchased and hopefully someday she will have her own artshow at the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse!

Watercolor by Cheryl Barlow owned by Gayle Rich-Boxman

There are artists who will “recycle” the dropped limbs that find their way to the ground throughout the seasons at Fishhawk Lake. Retired priest, Fr. Rock Sassano who lives here full time has made walking sticks for many a friend, neighbor and visitor, graciously giving them away to many.

Our local retired priest during his walk-about. He makes walking sticks and gives them to friends.

Fr Rock Sassano full time resident at Fishhawk Lake with one of his walking sticks

Another artist, Glenn Waer, a weekend 2nd home owner at Fishhawk Lake, had made some amazing pieces for reasonable prices. Handcrafted, unique wood tables, shelves and more, made of curly willow and other assorted trees, they are durable and sustainable. His business is called WillowWaer and he can be reached at his shop: (503)723-9979.

This was custom made by a local Fishhawk Lake member. He created this out of curly willow along with the design help from another local artist, Cheryl Barlow, for her kitchen. The business is called Willowaer, Glenn Waer owner. You can contact him:(503)723-9979 Gayle Rich-Boxman copyrighted all rights reserved 2014

Custom bookshelf made by Willowaer

Visitors and friends of Fishhawk Lake have shot video here capturing the all natural beauty of the wind, the birdsong and the wildness, while supporting my real estate efforts.  I even tried my hand at it while taking a canoe trip by myself. Check it out: Fishhawk Lake Videos My Canoe Trip.

So, if you are seeking a place of solitude that will allow your hidden talents to thrive, Fishhawk Lake may very well be the place to give in to your creative juices–we welcome artists of ALL types! For YOUR slice of solitude, please contact me:

Gayle C. Rich-Boxman REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905 Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club “Your Gateway to the Lake!” (Fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife,& so much more!) <;)((()>< ~-~ <;)((()>< ~-~

Early morning gold light out my lakefront door.

Fishhawk Lake Realtor and photographer Gayle Rich-Boxman Lakefront in early morning

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Fishing Season 2014 at Fishhawk Lake!

Fishhawk Lake–It’s “Ofishally” Fishin’ Season!!

Grab your poles, your lures and head on over to a dock at the Fishhawk Lake clubhouse, into your boat or a lake shore and get your two trout per day–it’s Fishin’ Season at Fishhawk Lake!

Fishing Season at Fishhawk Lake First Day 2014 May 26th

Fishing Season at Fishhawk Lake First Day 2014
May 26th

I have consulted my diehard fisherman owner of Vernonia Realty, Ken Bateman and put together a post about fishin’ on and around Fishawk Lake. (Click here:Fishing Season). At Fishhawk Lake, we follow the same sport fishing regulations as a private lake community that are also set up for the rest of the state. 

We do have a few fisherwomen and one caught a 23″ salmon or steelhead from what I’ve been told recently, but I don’t know if that’s a “fish story” or the truth! 

We see more fishermen out on Fishhawk Lake, but it’s open season for kids and adults alike,

Dad and Daughter Fishing May 2014

Dad and Daughter Fishing May 2014

Cutthroat trout caught by my sister at Fishhawk Lake!

Cutthroat trout caught by my sister at Fishhawk Lake!

just make sure you catch and release all salmon and steelhead. You can catch and keep two cutthroat trout per day. 

For those of you who don’t want to fish, there are other activities at Fishhawk Lake to indulge in!

Paddle boater on Fishhawk Lake

Paddle boater on Fishhawk Lake

So, for all of those fishermen and fishing widows, here’s an appropriate video and song for you by Brad Paisley! 

And if you’re just wanting to see what we’re all about out here at Fishhawk Lake, give me a call and we’ll talk.

Gayle C. Rich-Boxman

 REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905

Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club

“Your Gateway to the Lake!”

(Fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife,& so much more!)


Salmon spawning Fishhawk Lake

Salmon spawning Fishhawk Lake

Salmon Habitat Project Boxler Creek at Fishhawk Lake

Salmon Habitat Project Boxler Creek at Fishhawk Lake

                              Originally published on ActiveRain Fishhawk Lake Real Estate blog.

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Financing Options for a Property in a Flood Zone

There are several federal programs for financing a property in a designated flood zone that can open up opportunities for buyers who may be purchasing a home for the first time or are veterans and want to take advantage of 100% financing for their primary home.

This question came up recently when I had an agent who wanted to show a country property of mine, but the property had flooded–not the home. It is in a designated flood zone, but we weren’t sure at the time if a VA loan would be a possibility. It is!

The programs that are available are VA, FHA and conventional loans. I have gotten the official thumbs up on this from my favorite local lender, Shawn Baeschlin, with NW Mortgage Group, Inc.* USDA, which is available for first time homebuyers for rural properties is not available for flood zones, but in Columbia and Clatsop counties (both of which I serve), USDA loans are available.

 68901 Nehalem Hwy N Vernonia OR 97064 For Sale $229,000 On the Nehalem River

68901 Nehalem Hwy N
Vernonia OR 97064
For Sale $229,000
On the Nehalem River


VA loans up to $417,000 require no down payment. (The rules are different for a jumbo loan). There is a funding fee of 2.15% of the loan amount that is paid to the VA to to guarantee the loan. That is for the first time, the second time the fee is higher. Important notes: if a veteran is disabled there is no funding fee. There is also no monthly mortgage insurance on a VA loan. It is about 1/4% lower in interest rate than a conventional loan.

There are two FHA rehab loans: 203K streamline and the full 203K. The amount of the loan can include up to $30,000 in remodeling/renovations. If there are any structural changes, the full 203K loan is the only one that can be used. With the full 203K loan, it also requires an FHA consultant and that will be an extra fee. The interest rate for an FHA loan is 3 and 1/2% on both the loan amount and the renovations. A streamline 203K will take 6 weeks to close, the full 203K will take 8 weeks because of the consultant. According to Shawn Baeschlin, “The FHA program has a common perception of being a first time home buyer program, but can apply to people who have previously owned homes”. He goes on to say, “FHA does not finance second homes or rental properties. Currently you can get in with as little as 3.50% down, they allow credit histories that are less than perfect, as well as higher debt ratios than generally allowed with conventional financing. Mortgage insurance is a bit more expensive and is required to be on the loan until it is paid off”.

Both Vernonia (24 miles away) and Fishhawk Lake flooded in 2007, although not all lakefront homes were affected at that time. Fishhawk Lake is located in two counties, Columbia and Clatsop. Only a small area in Columbia County located on Fishhawk Creek has had its zoning changed to be designated as a flood zone. There are about 178 homes located at Fishhawk Lake and only approximately 62 were flooded.

A current seller who may have an elevated property as a result of a flood (referring to those  located on the Nehalem River or in Vernonia, none are elevated at Fishhawk Lake), can assign that elevation certificate to the new owners. Another piece of information that will save you money is that the buyer can assume the flood insurance policy from the seller if it covers what the buyer wants.

If you have more questions or want to view properties that are potentially in a flood zone, let me help you and I can also guide you in the right direction for finding that perfect loan and loan officer! 

Call Gayle today!

REALTOR® Vernonia Realty


*Shawn Baeschlin

Loan officer

NW Mortgage Group



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Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Market Activity-Spring 2014

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Snapshot of Activity in Our Market

Summer at Fishhawk Lake–lots of sales happening! Better get here NOW if you want that slice of paradise!!!

Summer kayaking on Fishhawk Lake

Summer kayaking on Fishhawk Lake

Properties are moving both on lakefront properties at Fishhawk Lake as well as off-the-lake. Currently there are two sale pendings in the “under $200,000 lake property for sale” range. A lakefront property just sold late last month and the happy buyers are quite busy making it their own.

Here are some that are still available:

   Luxury: $400,000+:

$589,000-9837 Beach Drive LAKEFRONT 3BR/3BA 6214 sq.ft, spectacular inside and out, every upgrade imaginable including a theatre (Priced under appraised value) ! This is no longer for sale. 

MLS#14525548 9837 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016

$420,000-LAKEFRONT 9813 Beach Drive 2204 sq ft, 3BR/2BA, luxury, granite, stone FP, lots of decks, vaulted ceiling, upgrades, garage, dock CUSTOM

 MLS#13001091 9813 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016

 $395,000-LAKEFRONT-71350 Northshore Drive 2870 sq.ft, 3BR,3BA +bonus/loft-LUXURY home, great location,tons of amenities, perfect for full time, turnkey, dock,decks, big shed, covered porch



Lakefront for under $300,000:

$297,000-10072 Lakeview Drive, 3BR/2BA, remodeled LAKEFRONT, clean&pristine, balcony,newer kitchen, covered carport This is now Sale Pending.

MLS#11633015 10072 Lakeview Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016


Off-the-Lake with a view of Fishhawk Lake:

Cabin on the Creek 10297 Ridgeview Terrace1885 sq. ft, 3BR/1.1BA with loft Many updates to this Pan-a-Bode log home.Private setting beautifully situated on Fishhawk Creek with 140′ of waterfront! Newer:kitchen,roof,carpet,deck.Loft for kids–or make it an office.Large basement for media and rec activities.Large basement for media and rec activities.Includes ALL lake amenities;fishing,boating,swimming,tennis,clbhouse. Private paradise, call today!



$189,000-71439 Northshore Drive– 1350SqFt,3BR/1BA Completely remodeled& sparkling. terrific views, new appliances, covered decks, room for garage



There are many lots of varying prices to be purchased with cash or private contract. Please call me to set up a tour of Fishhawk Lake real estate and see what you’re missing!

Gayle Rich-Boxman

 REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905

“Your Gateway to the Lake!”

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