Fishhawk Lake-The Last Breath of Summer as the Season Wanes

Fishhawk Lake-The Last Breath of Summer

The early morning sunlight is coming up later and later…the skies get filmy and dark before 8 o’clock, the air is no longer silky on the skin at night, but more like a coolness that calls for a thin shirt to blanket the shoulders. These are all testaments of time that shorten the season of summer. 

Thousand Islands New York

The laughter of children’s voices on the lake is no longer constant. Birds get quieter and go find cover sooner. Some find that quiet times inside become more frequent. 

Ahhhh….the last breath of summer is upon us. It gives us a chance to reflect. Summer often brings family times, events that are to be noted years later. 

Travel. Time out from busy lives. 


To others, it is only late days of doing endless work til the sun finally slips over the horizon and those work days come to an end until that same sun crests over the horizon to bring hours upon hours of sweat and toil. 

At Fishhawk Lake, summer represents many days of getting back to the simple things in life. Taking long walks,

sitting on a porch or dock  and catching up on conversations with loved ones about busy lives.

Chairs on a dock at Fishhawk Lake-Gayle Rich-Boxman Copyrighted All Rights Reserved 2014

Dipping toes in water with small children, maybe for the first time and hearing the giddy sounds of childish laughter as a new experience takes place.

Gayle Rich-Boxman Copyright 2012

Reading that book that someone has set aside for those long hours of relaxation on a lake in the country. 

Many experiences large and small happen during summer months–some that can last a lifetime in memories that need to be recaptured to retain that sense of youthfulness. Or…to pass onto children as a reminder that true LIFE can be found in involving yourself in nature, in a single moment found on a walk down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. The first sight of a dappled fawn quietly raising its head to take you in. You may be their  first human experience, too! 

Fawn at Fishhawk Lake-Gayle Rich-Boxman Copyrighted All Rights Reserved 2014

As summer fades, it gives one a chance to remember the delights of sun-soaked days, of the true joys of vacation, but it also gives one a chance to take time out from the harriness of a fast life and simply stop  for a moment and breathe. 

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