Being a Resource for my Buyers and Sellers-It’s All About Connecting People

Love Connection….remember that show?  Well, when it comes to putting people together romantically, I don’t even TRY, but given the chance to put a client together with an expert in any kind of field and create a BUSINESS LOVE CONNECTION, it is a crowning moment.  Many times, new buyers in this community will call me and ask about local services.  If I believe in a small business or a local service provider, I will PROMOTE THEM VIGOROUSLY. It feels SO GOOD when you have a new neighbor who needs something  and you can turn them around quickly by simply getting them in touch with the right person for the right price.

I actually compiled a Resource List that I have on my website and as a Page on my WordPress blog site. It is in alphabetical order in categories and only offers those businesses that come recommended by someone at Fishhawk Lake that has personally utilized their services.  When you have lake property out in the boonies, it is REALLY a GodSend to have someone who will come out here, do the work they’re supposed to and not charge an arm-and-a-leg.  As that “link” to putting those people together, you feel like you’ve helped both; your client finds a viable solution and you’ve put money into the pocket of that small business person who appreciates it so very much!

Just one example: I met an arborist (Arbor Tree Care, Luke Colvin-Arborist (503)791-0853)

Arbor Tree Care Specialists

who happens to be married to an artist whose work we bought at an art gallery at Cannon Beach, on the coast of Oregon. He lives an hour away, at the coast, but wanted to reach out to this community in some form to increase his business. We got to talking, and I asked him if he would like to help our Firewise Committee at Fishhawk Lake (of which I’m a volunteer) with our semi-annual Clean Up Day. That entails going around and clipping, sawing and removing dead trees, wood debris and weeds that could cause fires. He donated his chipper and part of his staff to support this event. He has continually gotten business out here as a result. Voila! Everyone’s happy!

About fishhawklakerealtor

I've been the local realtor/neighbor for 14 years who lives full time in the Fishhawk Lake area, a private lake community in the middle of the coastal range in a very small town in Oregon . It's heaven out here and my husband and I have lived here full time for about 12 years and over 15 altogether as weekenders before that. This area is my niche, my specialty, my passion. Doing this is truly a dream come true. Let me help you make it yours. Call me, your local expert: 503-755-2905 REALTOR® John L Scott Market Center Also check out my blog on ActiveRain: Or to check out my listings go to my website:
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