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Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Kayaking into the New Year

A Life Lesson

Kayaker on Fishhawk Lake During a New Snowfall New Year's Eve

Kayaker on Fishhawk Lake During a New Snowfall
New Year’s Eve

My husband saw this fella out in the snow falling on Fishhawk Lake New Year’s Eve so I grabbed my camera. Such an interesting dichotomy—a summer sport being done in a snowfall, as if to say, “I CAN!”

For me, this kayaker was offering  a good lesson for life; if you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t matter about the obstacles in your way. Just move them and keep going forward. Weather the storms and you will achieve whatever you want and enjoy doing it!

So, if you want to go after what you want, no matter what stands in your way, go for it!

I got a new listing from a FSBO the same day. (For sale by owner). I love what I do!

Certainly a great start to the year!

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