Fishhawk Lake Is a Magical Place


Fishhawk Lake is a magical place. We are a place where you can let go of the angst of daily life, the noise, the busy chaotic traffic both in front of you and in your head.

Rainbow Over the Glory Hole on Fishhawk Lake


Spring at Fishhawk Lake

Fishhawk Lake in the fall season



Fishhawk Lake can be the avenue for steering your family toward making memories that don’t involve anything more technical than a fishing rod,

an oar,

 a set of binoculars or a camera, a bike, or simply your own two legs and all six of your senses (which includes your sense of wonder).

Fishhawk Lake mist in the trees on a spring morning


Fishhawk Lake offers you the chance to be in another world in less than two hours from the “city” or a plane ride if you live in California, Utah, New Jersey or Mexico! 

We offer you the chance to kayak, canoe or swim the width of Fishhawk Lake

and still have the energy to play tennis, hang out on the beach with your friends or take a 3 mile hike around the whole lake just in time for a barbeque, libation and games before sleep!

Fishhawk Lake can be a “working place”, as you can easily buy a home that has a 2nd story loft facing the lake  or sit out on your deck and conduct business with an atmosphere and a view that can’t be beat.  It’s a terrific venue for an at-home business, or if you’re a writer or someone who can do your work  functions on DSL and a phone.


Fishhawk Lake also has seasons, not only offering warm water to swim in and get cool on a 90+ degree day,



 but we have snow for winter fun, too!

 We are only an hour’s drive from the Oregon coast with all of the wonders that that can bring with kite-flying, art-seeking, walking along the beaches, or clamming/crabbing.


Fishhawk Lake is perfect for a weekender, fulltime, or investment property. We haven’t been hit by short sales and foreclosures as much as other communities. We are less expensive than coastal property and a shorter drive from Portland and the Portland airport than Sun River, Oregon. Many of my clients have explored both of these areas and ended up here at Fishhawk Lake because of the these benefits.

Savings! Values!


Fishhawk Lake embodies the spirit of those seeking that feeling of finding a “cabin on the lake”.


 I hear it over and over, “how come I’ve never heard of Fishhawk Lake until NOW?” People “discover” Fishhawk Lake and get SO excited–it’s great to watch!

Come see us and see what Fishhawk Lake has to offer you!

Fishhawk Lake article and photos copyrighted by

Gayle Rich-Boxman, Broker Vernonia Realty

      “Your Gateway to Fishhawk Lake”



About fishhawklakerealtor

I've been the local realtor/neighbor for 14 years who lives full time in the Fishhawk Lake area, a private lake community in the middle of the coastal range in a very small town in Oregon . It's heaven out here and my husband and I have lived here full time for about 12 years and over 15 altogether as weekenders before that. This area is my niche, my specialty, my passion. Doing this is truly a dream come true. Let me help you make it yours. Call me, your local expert: 503-755-2905 REALTOR® John L Scott Market Center Also check out my blog on ActiveRain: Or to check out my listings go to my website:
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18 Responses to Fishhawk Lake Is a Magical Place

  1. David says:

    Wow Gayle: What an amazing place for some family to enjoy a full and flourishing life away from noise of the city! ! I think this must be Oregon’s Best Kept Secret! I liked the interior shots of some of the houses. Is there a possibility that this house is for sale?

  2. Doug and Ruth says:

    We have been blessed many times to be guests at Fishhawk Lake, and every visit has been a memorable one. We relish the peace and beauty of the environment and the people who live on the Lake. We recall with special fondness the experience of being so close we could watch — without interrupting — the spawning of salmon within a stone’s throw from our host home. Fishhawk is indeed a special place.

  3. Roxanne Utzman says:

    Beautiful place!!! I lived in Corvallis for 25 years and didn’t know about Fishhawk Lake until now. We can hardly wait to see it – will visit this summer.

  4. Jerry Smith says:

    Beautiful scenery. Wish I had a place there.

  5. Ben says:

    The lake looks beautiful…..very tranquil and peaceful! I loved the fall colors.

  6. nina Discombe says:

    Some lucky person will inherit your dream. The photos remind me of my lovely place in the Canadian shield.

  7. Alison Heimowitz says:

    Fishhawk Lake is a must see. I am captivated by the serene beauty of the still water and towering trees every time I visit this unique oasis. I highly recommend taking the time to journey to this magical place.

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  11. Joel and Janis Jessen just retired in Dallas, Texas. I like the lake homes on Fishhawk. Guess it will not take jet ski. We do kayak and sail. Just read about green algie in the lakes in that area. Is that a problem for swimming? Has there been a warning given not to swim or be careful. Is water clean and clear? How far down can you see? Seems there is no village to walk or bike in near. Lots of deer etc? what is closest airport to travel?

    Pictures are great and it seems you would not be alone as the lake dwellers are fun and friendly.

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