Fishhawk Lake Firewise Community Tips for Tree Safety

Fishhawk Lake Firewise Community Tips for Tree Safety

Our Firewise Community Status


Now that we have achieved the status of a “Firewise Community”, it is important that the members of the community recognize and help eliminate conditions that might foster wildfires. According to Luke Colvin, my go-to resource for safe tree removal and fire safe ideas around your home, some of the conditions that are recognizable by most homeowners are:

1.       Flammable weeds and brush

2.       Low hanging limbs of conifers

3.       Flammable materials stored in the wrong place- firewood, paint, oil and gas

4.       Growth of invasive species of plants that will become flammable later

5.       Crowding of indigenous trees, shrubs

Each of the conditions contributes to the potential for wildland fire damage

and most can be eliminated without professional help. However; in the case of trees that need to be removed or trees that need limbs removed, it is usually better to get help from a Certified Arborist.

 we love trees

Photo Courtesy of Arbor Care Tree Specialists


A Certified Arborist is a trained specialist in the art of pruning, maintenance and removal of all types of trees, from ornamentals to towering Douglas firs. An Arborist will evaluate your trees from the root system to the top of the canopy and determine what type of pruning, removal or emergency care is needed to keep your trees healthy and you and your property safe for years to come.

we love trees

Photo courtesy of Arbor Care Tree Services


 On my list of RESOURCES I have listed Luke Colvin with Arbor Care Tree Specialists,

 Arbor Care Tree  Specialists

Place page

86946 Youngs River Road

Luke Colvin, ISA Certified Arborist PN#6331A

President, Arbor Care Tree Specialists

503.791.0853 phone

503.325.2581 fax

Care for Your Trees

is an arborist that I know and trust  who has extensive experience with wildland fire protection.

 Luke will be providing the chipping services during our next semi-annual Firewise Community cleanup day, Saturday, May 7th, 2011.

Douglas fir trees are prevalent in this areadouglas fir tree picture

and can be hazardous in ways not related to fire.  Their common failure modes during windstorms are “branch loss”, “root failure” due to root rot and  “trunk failure “ from internal decay and co dominant stems with included bark. Sitka spruce and Hemlock have similar failings. Luke can advise you as to a course of action where big trees are within striking distance of your house.

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  2. tobinmiller says:

    I work in Kentucky, but I would also encourage your readers to call a certified arborist in your area. They can safely remove trees that are too close to a home. This could save you from costly repairs from fire threats, trees falling on the home or tree roots blocking your septic tank lines.

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