Fishhawk Lake Firewise Semi Annual Cleanup Look Who Worked!


Fishhawk Lake Firewise Semi Annual Cleanup Look Who Worked!

Fishhawk Lake-Firewise Community-You are NEVER TOO OLD to Make a Difference!

Fishhawk Lake is a Firewise Community


   thanks to the efforts of our local volunteers of which I am a committee member. As part of keeping our Firewise Community status, we do clean up twice a year of hazardous trees and wood, limbs, plants and other debris that could cause fires located too close to homes in our community at Fishhawk Lake.

The first one was May 7th. We had approximately 20-30 volunteers on a rainy, muddy Saturday morning–not a bad turnout!

Kathy Cardona, Firewise Committee Chairperson

I ended up working with three dear friends, Genny, Bob and  Father Rock (a retired priest). Their ages?  Genny is 70 this year, Bob is 73 and Father Rock is 80! We cut, yanked, sawed, hacked and pulled our way through all kinds of potentially dangerous wood materials which included limbing trees, downing “volunteer trees” hauling huge logs of dead wood as well as pulling out salmonberry, a common plant that can easily start a wildfire in this area.


Genny was EVERYWHERE. She used her axe for awhile, picked up huge piles of heavy limbs that she’d downed, and yanked on a tree while Fr. Rock sawed at it until it came down. She continued after lunch long into the afternoon and worked from 9am to about 4pm.


Bob started out with his chainsaw and worked on trees, branches, anything that was too thick for the rest of us to pull or cut. Then he got his bulldozer and hauled load after load to the side of the road for the chipper that would eventually be coming through to break down the materials. Then, he headed off to another site in our Fishhawk Lake community.

Father Rock had two of his favorite saws from his days of being an arborist. He literally sawed through trees and limbs for three and a half hours straight!

 It was a day to make anyone 30 years younger weary, but we did it and got a great deal of satisfaction out of a job well done.

Maybe Fishhawk Lake is the Fountain of Youth???


More workers!




(And lunch was yummy thanks to these ladies)!


   What was interesting is that during lunch, while we were all looking pretty bedraggled, a man popped his head in to ask about properties for sale! I took him to my home and gave him my flyer of listings and my business card. He may not have seen me at my best, but he certainly knows that I get involved with my community!

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 Fishhawk Lake Firewise Semi Annual Cleanup Look Who Worked!

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5 Responses to Fishhawk Lake Firewise Semi Annual Cleanup Look Who Worked!

  1. Wow. It never ceases to amaze me the level of participation at Fishhawk Lake. I helped last fall when I was at the house for a visit and was impressed by the amount of people that sacrificed their Saturday and Sunday to help clean up all around the neighborhood. People did what they could and the combined contribution earned our community a fire wise award. It’s truly a community worth being a part of. I’m so proud to know you all and to be a small part of this.

  2. It’s great to know that Fishhawk Lake is such cooperative community and I am very grateful to all that work so hard to make it such a wonderful place. Love the photos and just might frame that group shot for my wall! Since purchasing our “second home” in Fishhawk Lake, we’ve been impressed with the warmth and welcoming attitude of everyone we’ve met. We felt at home and part of the community from the very first day. I even had a sign made for our house. It says, “Oregon, Lake House, Heaven”.

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