Wildlife Sighting at Fishhawk Lake…Another wonderful experience!

I just did something most people don’t get to do….especially “in their back yard”. Here at Fishhawk Lake,for the last two hours I have gotten to watch a bald eagle hang out in the windy trees with me sitting across the lake watching his morning unfold before me. 

I had first seen him at 8am and grabbed my binoculars, although, against the green trees, his gorgeous white crown and neck stood out to the naked eye (even though mine are not so good naked anymore). I had just gotten ready to take the dogs for a run and they were quite anxious, so I left Baldy in the trees.

A photo I took last August in our back yard at Fishhawk Lake. Baldy was in the trees across the lake from the boat this morning.

We returned about 40 minutes later and he was still in the same spot!  Happy, happy, his feathers were occasionally getting a bit ruffled when the wind kicked up, but otherwise, he’d just move his head slowly back and forth or duck down as the gusts blew.

My good camera died awhile ago, and my husband’s really sucks, so I decided to park my butt in front of our big picture windows and try out this new Celestron VistaPix IS70, which is a combo of binoculars, camera and video, but I’ll be damned if I know how to use it!

 It has a big viewfinder,

 SO much, but my husband and I haven’t taken the time to open up the manual and figure it all out. Got some shots, but I don’t even know how to download them–sad!!

Baldy in the trees at Fishhawk Lake on a March morning.  I had to include this even though it’s horrible, for proof!  (Taken with my husband’s very basic digital from FAR AWAY),

Anyway, Baldy looks somewhat young. He’s big, as they all seem to be out here, but he just looked younger in his coloring and feathers. He sat in that tree for over an hour, flew to a high branch around the corner to the left from his first spot, then he decided the creek  (Boxler Creek, a salmon habitat project) looked interesting just below him. 

(Salmon spawning every year at Fishhawk Lake)

Baldy headed down into the shallow water and puttered around, occasionally throwing water across his back, then he’d do a little shake and meander  leisurely through the shallow water. He walked very slowly, sort of picking his way in a small area near an old log lying in the water exposed, which he briefly stood on for a moment or two,then hopped back in the water. He would preen a bit, but not much, and I saw him shake his tail feathers, but just once. Then, I watched him (from way across the lake) make a head dive into the water as if he was going after something, but he came up with nothing. I was watching all of this with my other binoculars and then thought I’d give it another try with the Celestron. Unfortunately, while I was trying to recall how to get the LCD screen on again, he took off in flight down past the clubhouse to another part of the lake out of my sight.


Clubhouse at Fishhawk Lake off to the right of where our home is and where Baldy flew past.

But, for about two hours it felt like it was only he and I spending the morning together hanging out. An incredible experience that further emphasizes what a remarkable life I have and how blessed I am to be living our dream of being on a lake surrounded by trees, nature and the wonders that all of that brings to me on a daily basis.

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