Live Events at the Birkenfeld Store

Live Events at the Birkenfeld Store


I recently interviewed Mike and Wendy Ingraham, owners of the Birkenfeld Store

whose variety of offerings for things to do in the  Birkenfeld community is ever-increasing, especially for Fishhawk Lake members .  Their ability to provide the best in live entertainment, just four miles down the road from Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club has added another great reason to buy property out here!  It happens every Saturday night unless they have a prior event that takes precedence.

It is dance music with no cover charge and starts at 7pm and goes til 10pm. The styles can range from a solo artist to 6-piece bands. The genres range from 50s oldies, to classic rock&roll, to country and blues music–a little something for most of everybody. 

Along with music you can indulge in wine or beer and their regular menu offers snacks, burgers, grilled sandwiches. Mike and Wendy usually add two dinner specials on music nights with the whole menu selection ranging  from $2-$14.

This got started last year thanks to the interest of two bands; Lock Stock&Barrel and the Linda Meyers Band, who were all instrumental (pardon the pun!) in getting music back to the old “dance hall” venue that this building used to be, on its 100 year anniversary. Lock Stock&Barrel are self-described as “red dirt country” and mostly showcase their own music, sort of an outlaw country style.  They have a new CD and Big Red Dodge is one of their singles with a video on YouTube or Facebook. Check it out:

Why is it that these talented musicians want to come “way out to the middle of nowhere”? It’s because as an audience, we deliver!!! As Mike and Wendy put it, “…it’s the crowd, the attentiveness and friendliness that the audience shows. It overwhelms them”.

Because of the intimate venue that The Birkenfeld Store offers, it allows  the musicians to feel really close to the audience and this heartwarming, open and friendly atmosphere typifies what Birkenfeld and the Fishhawk Lake community are.

A couple of the locals, Fishhawk Lake fulltimers: Chris McCue and Paul Huck 

Another plus for the musicians is that they get to stay overnight at the Birkenfeld Store, so they have an early evening and don’t have to face a ride home if they want to stay and go back to their homes the next day.

During the summer months, Birkie’s or The Birk (we locals call it both)

have performances outdoors on their various decks, overlooking vast greenery with mountains in the background and gobs of uncluttered skies.  They try to start this in June for Father’s Day if weather allows and it goes til August.

A live event in 2010

The Ingrahams’  “bouncers”, Skully (in foreground) and Jaeger


A group of us from Fishhawk Lake had a private catered Valentine’s Day Dinner at the Birkenfeld Store and my husband and I attended along with roughly 20+ other people. We had a scrumptious dinner (I had prawns that were fabulous). 

My husband (on the right) with another Fishhawk Lake member

Then we got to enjoy live music by Kimberly Hall and Timmy B who played a variety of music from The Eagles to Bonnie Raitt and took requests. We all had a great time–the wine was good, too!

Kimberly Hall and Timmy B


Fishhawk Lake members enjoying food, libation and entertainment on Valentine’s Day

A couple from Fishhawk Lake on the dance floor for a slow one….

For more info about The Birkenfeld Store and musical events, visit:!/pages/BIRKENFELD-COUNTRY-STORE-AND-CAFE/49285213302

You can also call The Birkenfeld Store for more details:


Photos and article by Gayle Rich-Boxman

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3 Responses to Live Events at the Birkenfeld Store

  1. Diana says:

    Mike & Wendy are great people. This is a nice place for good music and good food and wonderful service. Friendly, fun place to be!

  2. My world is music and working with exclusive Venues and Owners Mike and Wendy Ingraham are quite possibly the best yet at what they do! Cultivating a plan and desire to market live music with class is what their economic impact is providing many in the coastal range valley. Time well spent yesterday, gracious Hosts and accomodating new Friends, I find them both to be stellar in business. Let the music continue!

  3. Teri says:

    Yes, Mike and Wendy are really special people! We’ve been to a lot of clubs in Portland, but Birkies feels like “home.” The music is excellent, the people are genuine and full of energy, the food is great (and yes, they have plenty for us vegetarians!), and the ride (even if in the car and not on the motorcycle!) is peaceful and scenic. It’s like going on a road trip, sitting in your best friend’s living room with all of your buddies, eating mom’s home-cooked meals, and meeting great and friendly musicians! And there’s ALWAYS someone to dance with!

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