Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Trends-Many Properties in Sale Pending

Autumn colors on Fishhawk Lake Photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman 10.16

Autumn colors on Fishhawk Lake Photo by Gayle Rich-Boxman 10.16

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Many Properties are in

Sale Pending!

As the season winds down for many vacation-type communities across the U.S. we aren’t the type of lake resort community that has a “season”, persay. I will have sellers ask me this question and honestly, even when the downturn in the market happened in 2008, there were still buyers purchasing in what some would call “off-season”. My husband and I first came to look at Fishhawk Lake in November of 2002 and others have followed suit. Buying can occur in December, January, February besides the glorious summer months. 

Right now you will find that it’s quieter around the lake and there’s the occasional pontoon soaking up the last rays of sunshine while tooling around the placid lake, or a kayaker gliding by in the early morning mist, but many have taken up their urban lifestyle once again, with kids’ activities taking the time that might have been spent “playing at the Lake” on weekends. The full-timers are now ruling the roost. 

There are more full timers buying within the last year than I have seen in the almost eleven years of working in my beloved niche market at Fishhawk Lake. Several have been single women! The vacation properties still rule the numbers, but the 80/20 percentage is slowly changing in favor of more full time residents of Fishhawk Lake with people pushing themselves out of the urban sprawl that is ever-widening in the Portland Metro area with the tremendous influx of new Portland residents. I heard one statistic, recently that said 100 people per day are moving to Portland. Some who have lived in Portland for many years are not happy with the high increase in city traffic and end up looking for wide-open spaces and less brake lights. 

At this juncture, there are 6 sale pendings at Fishhawk Lake and I am involved in representing one or both parties to the transaction for all six! We are mostly in a waiting period, as appraisers are slowly chipping away at the necessary appraisals needed.

There are 15 active listings of homes at or on Fishhawk Lake ranging from $168,500 to $499,000. The six in sale pending range from $135,000-$319,000.

Many recent inquiries on vacant land are essentially regarding the lower priced vacant lots. Two in particular are $5,000 and $12,000. There are 11 active listings $5,000-$79,000. I have an accepted offer on a lot listed for $16,000. That will make one sale pending and 10 active lots. (UPDATE: SOLD!)

If you would like representation from your local Fishhawk Lake realtor and expert, please call me! (And check out my website link below for listings).Or click here:

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