Fishhawk Lake Fowl-Wildlife Photos at Fishhawk Lake

Fishhawk Lake Fowl-Wildlife Photos of Fishhawk Lake Real Estate

It’s always fun for me to share pictures ofwildlife at Fishhawk Lake since we constantly have comings and goings of creatures who love it here just as much as we do!

Every year, we have “new families” on Fishhawk Lake. This year, I got to capture some close-ups of baby mallards while we threw some bread scraps off our dock.

They came right up to the boat, and our dogs were watching them, but never even barked.

Here’s another little guy.

Fishhawk Lake Fowl Mallard duckling

Papa Mallard was nearby, but not too close! Notice the bread just out of his reach. (He’s sure giving me the eye).

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Male Mallard on Fishhawk Lake

My friend, Darlene Geyer, a vacation home owner and past client of mine took these recent kingfisher photos:

Kingfisher Photo on Fishhawk Lake

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Kingfisher couple

This goose used to be part of a threesome, but is all by itself until the Canadian geese fly through for winter or spring past Fishhawk Lake or stop by for a rest.

Fishhawk Lake Goose on the Lake

We have all kinds of wildlife that come, visit and stay; (just like my real estate clients!) salmon spawn yearly,  bald eagle,

Trying to retrieve it!

Trying to retrieve it!

osprey (our famed “Fishhawk”!), deer, elk, otters, salamanders, cutthroat trout,I even have a picture of a weasel!

I got a set of photos of a bird that I later found out is a Cooper’s Hawk. He was flushed out by my dogs just two doors down from my home here at Fishhawk Lake and flew into a high set of branches above my head. I got this photo of him when I did a smooching sound and he looked right at me, cocking his head to one side.  After I took the photos I had to do some research to discover what he was!

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

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